Here's What People Are Saying:

"I enjoy (my son) now.  I understand him and his needs.  I know that we will always have to work with (our son) and that his needs may change, but you have shown us where to start."

"Kristen was a great advocate and helped in getting my son services he needed especially with the school system.  She is kind, easy to work with and very responsive."

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"Our family has grown closer from the work we have experienced with Kristen.  She is truly a master of her craft and I would recommend her insight and services to any family searching for answers."

"One of the aspects of Kristen's approach that my wife and I appreciate the most is that we, the parents, are invited in to the sessions to learn with (our child) together and that is done through play."

"He is excited to participate in sports... I am glad he's become so self motivated...He is talking about how he’s going to play basketball for Stanford and then the Chicago Bulls.  It’s a little early to crush that dream so we just keep talking about practicing and working hard.”

"Kristen took the time to know my child and understand his behavior, with her therapies we saw a lot of progress in a short amount of time...he has improved in a lot of different areas but most important he is a happier kid!"

"Her openness to candid dialogue with us has been invaluable."

"Kristen relates extremely well to the children she works with, and while thoroughly professional, employs a well-developed sense of fun."

"Our sessions “playing” about problem-solving and skill-building has drawn us together... and helped us not only understand the world through his eyes but also given us the patience and compassion he needs to find joy in the little successes of each day. 

"Her training in evaluating and treating sensory disorders is unparalled in this area.  In addition, her facility is amazing.  My daughter thrived under her care, and we are so grateful for all of the work Kristen did with her, as well as the training she gave us to provide us with the tools to continue to work with our daughter beyond Kristen's care."

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"(My son) feels more confident in his abilities and the overall use of his body."

"Nothing ever seemed wrong "enough" to get any kind of help for him until our pediatrician referred us to your practice... we have seen such tremendous growth in many areas.  His physical strength and coordination have shown tremendous improvement...He is able to participate in games with his friends instead of playing off by himself. Best of all, we have seen his confidence blossoming."

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"I really feel like the wellness sessions at AIMS has helped my daughter gain more confidence and has helped me pay more attention to the gross and fine motor skills she should be developing at each stage.“

"I found it priceless to have Kristen coach us, side by side, so that we could apply our learning much more effectively in the "real world." The goals we worked on were met and have not faded in a year's time."

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