Sensory Based Therapy

Sensory Processing Disorders (SPDs) affect an individual's ability to properly receive, interpret and respond to sensory experiences in any of the sensory systems (taste, touch, sight, sound, smell, movement, body awareness and inner organ messages).  As a result, the individual often struggles to perform day to day tasks and interactions in a way that is socially acceptible.  Sensory Processing Disorders can affect children and grownups!  For children with SPD, everyday experiences of playing, learning and engaging with friends and family can be overwhelming.  Often, every aspect of a child's day is affected, causing great stress for every member of the family.

Sensory-Based Therapy, sometimes referred to as Sensory Integration Therapy, is often used by Physical and Occupational Therapists to address the sensory needs of an individual.  Not all therapists have equal training and experience, however!  If you suspect that your child has a SPD, Kristen Klyczek Physical Thearpy, PLLC is the place to go!

Why Choose Us?   


  • Is the ONLY Advanced Mentored Clinician in Western New York; she has been trained by, and continues to be mentored by some of the top sensory clinicians in the world

  • Is certified to administer and interpret the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT)

  • Follows a sensory-based approach which applies the principles of Lucy Jane Miller's STAR Model

  • Has many years of both clinical and research experience working with children with SPDs, including children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD

  • Offers trainings to students, families and professionals

  • Is a proud member of the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation, supporting continued research on SPDs

To schedule an evaluation or to inquire about private or group based physical therapy, please contact us at: 585-924-2467 or email Kristen directly at

Please Note:

Not all children require skilled therapy services provided by a Licensed Physical Therapist.  In accordance with NYS Law, individuals wishing to receive therapeutic services must be deemed appropriate based on specific testing and evaluation criteria, and in conjunction with professional judgement by a licensed practitioner.  In addition, a doctor's script will be needed in order to provide ongoing therapy services.

For those who do not qualify for such services, non-therapeutic wellness and developmental services are offered.

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