NOT your typical physical therapy clinic!

Our Differences Help Your Child:

  • We Make Therapy FUN! Kids play their way to better strength, balance, sensory and motor skill

  • We Offer More Equipment Access to the awesome space and equipment of the AIMS Center allows us to adapt to the needs of any child regardless of ability level.  Even our most advanced clients can be challenged at AIMS.

  • We Follow A Different Approach In addition to using traditional physical therapy strategies, we follow the STAR Treatment Model, and develop sensory and motor skills by capitalizing on relationships (with caregivers and therapists) and play.  Caregiver involvement is key to our approach; families understand what their child is going through and develop the confidence to help their child regardless of the situation.

  • Your Priorities Matter We work to meet YOUR goals at a pace and rate that work for you and your family. 

Common Reasons to Turn to Kristen Klyczek Physical Therapy:

  • Your child's test scores aren't severe enough to be eligible for services through the county or school district

  • You suspect sensory processing problems but aren't sure how to confirm your suspicions

  • Your child is too rough, always on the go and touches or mouths everything

  • Your child hates messy play, certain clothes, baths, tooth brushing and hair care

  • You describe life as "walking on eggshells" - afraid of what will set off your child and how to will help when it happens

  • Your child avoids movement or can't keep up with peers on the playground or in sports

  • Your child is clumsy, uncoordinated or weak compared to other kids

  • You prefer to seek therapy privately

  • Visit Our Sensory And Motor Quizzes Page to determine if your child may benefit from our services

* Please contact us to request a detailed Rate Page